Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BTJunkie website was suspended, but not the torrents!

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How BTJunkie was shut down in 2012

Till 2012, there was a great demand among online users for BTJunkie. This search engine for Bit Torrent files stood in operation for 7 years. A web crawler, which is similar to the one used by search engines was used by the BTJunkie. This crawler was assigned with the task to look for files to be downloaded from other Bit Torrent sites, and then to store those files in the BTJunkie database. It does that with great efficiency and reliability. Torrents that are active, on the Internet, reach out to a several million, and hundreds of new torrents have been jumping to the field with super exciting features.

BTJunkie was a largest indexer of the Bit Torrent site that you can find on the web. These indexing qualities raised its popularity to incredible height. In 2011, this Bit Torrent site ranked 5th, because of its great indexing qualities. This was a Europe based file sharing software. It offers some explicit and handy file sharing features to all of its users. Gaining people’s faith and interest, since BTJunkie jumped into file sharing business back in 2005.

Features of BTJunkie

Two trackers are there namely public and private trackers. Both of them, trackers, are indexed by this search engine. It does that with the help of a web crawler that automatically indexes both public and private trackers. As we noticed earlier, the BTJunkie web crawler also scans for the torrent files from various sites for torrents. To find out the information about the file that a visitor just finished downloaded, the BTJunkie crawler makes use cookies. In this way, the search engine keeps a track on the downloaded files. This enables it not to do the registration of each file in order to rate them, in future. Users also give their ratings to the files. According to these ratings, the website checks for malicious contents and filters them, precisely as BTJunkie does.

BTJunkie Shut Down

There was an announcement for a voluntary shut down of the BTJunkie search engine, in the beginning of 2012. Megaupload closure can be thought of as the responsible cause for this shutting down of the site. The Pirate Bay was also going through a course of some legal actions being imposed on it. Messages were there on the site indicating the shut down. There was a site official telling that they have to shut it down for known reasons. This is not the only one popular, established, and a well known site for file sharing as BTJunkie, but it looks like that the site has also been bitten to dust.

This Europe based site has been running effectively with a few years. BTJunkie search engine for torrent files has once achieved the milestone of having around 80 million users. But, since the news of its voluntary shut down spread across the web, the site started noticing a significant drop in the number of active users. Now, there is only sign that is marked on the website. The message is about the lifespan of the search engine. It has been disappointing for many of its active subscribers. However, other search engines hold a bigger market, but BTJunkie does make significance.

People have known BTJunkie to be a dynamically impressive search engine. It links to thousands of torrents that are there now. It captured the interests of many users. So, its shut down news would have come as a shocker for many. There was a catalog that turns it out to be a big deal for many users. Many studies and surveys were made and conducted by the analysts. These studies clearly gave an idea that the kind of website that BTJunkie was used to be, can never really suffer from failures. It was a hit in his times, and there cannot be a better contender for market leaders, other than BTJunkie.

Megaupload was one of its contenders. This Head Quarter of this company was raided by the local police, and this only finished leading the company to a complete shutdown. However, this was not the case with the owners of BTJunkie. There weren’t any legal charges imposed on this site. This site has been in the entertainment industry crosshairs for a long time. In fact, other search engines on the web, blocked the BTJunkie site’s options for search and download.
The recent activities by the MPAA have led tremendous amounts of pressures on the BTJunkie site. However, the resolves between the anonymous owners of this site has been broken, recently. One of the admin of Torrent Freak has claimed that the efforts are not worth of the trouble and stress that they have had.

The founder of BTJunkie told, on the day of its shutdown, that the offences imposed on site like Pirate Bay and MegaUpload have a great bit of contribution in the decision of BTJunkie’s closure. If those sites would have done better, then the result would have been different for all of us. It was a stressful period for all the colleagues. It was going all wrong for us. The more we tried to escape from troubles, the more it got on us. So, a difficult decision of its closure was worth a taking. However, it is a thing of a past, and we would all want to forget that, and look ahead to a new beginning.

The owners of BTJunkie still have a belief that there is still hope for Bit Torrent web portals that have evolved. It has also led the pirate bay to make some serious modifications. Pirate Bay decided to put an end to its .org domain. This was done to prevent American authorities from seizing it, permanently. So, there will be no threat for a legal action being made on them, directly. It is an unlikely thing for the users of BTJunkie to simply disappear. In fact, they would never stop to torrent, and would find out a way out for them.

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